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About Us

CRAFTR was founded in 2012 out of our heartfelt beliefs in good times, good vibes and connected communities. We believe that everyone deserves to hold cold beer while spending quality time with the people and passions they love.

Out of this belief, we’ve continued to grow our products to serve our homebrewers throughout the country, and we are always adding gear for lovers of beer. Whether you’re choosing the perfect IPA or leveling up your home brew game, we want to help you celebrate delicious, hoppy goodness with all of our products and services.

And, because we’re committed to quality, CRAFTR guarantees satisfaction with all of our products. If you don’t love your CRAFTR cup, beer gear and apparel, brewing equipment or anything else you choose from our site – you have 30 days to let us know and we’ll refund your purchase price.

I offer this commitment because this business is my passion. I wanted to start CRAFTR because many of my best days are spent with family and friends at small breweries who are producing great craft beer and serving as a gathering place in their local communities. And I want to grow CRAFTR to continue to exceed your expectations.

As a small business going up against giant multi-million – and even billion – dollar companies, you choosing CRAFTR products and those of our partners means the world to us. Like you, we know that craft beer is more than an accessory - it's a lifestyle. Thanks for being part of the War Against Warm Beer community. Reach out, let us know why you love craft beer and CRAFTR products and give us your feedback on things you’d like to see next!

Tyler & the Craft'r crew